The Mark Jacob Wedding Gift

Supporting couples facing cancer

If you are a couple in the difficult position of one of you having cancer, particularly for those in palliative care, the illness often becomes a motivation to get married. Making that committent during these emotionally challenging times is an incredibly important act of love between two people.

Like any serious illness this drastically affects your income, so I have created a scheme that will help couples in this position to provide not only wedding photography at cost or for free, but also to reach out to other wedding suppliers to give their services at cost or for free. Also, all profits from any subsequent sales of photographic prints will be put toward supporting other couples through this scheme.

I can only help a limited number of couples each year and will award the support both on merit and in order of application subject to my availability. Each couple’s application will be handled discretely and with the care and attention that I would give to any couple.

You will be asked to evidence your illness with appointment letters or a letter from your consultant.

I will respond quickly to every application.

Mark’s Legacy

I had for some time been considering setting up this scheme. I had talked with a relation who works for Macmillan Cancer Support and was starting to put together the ground work when I was approached by Mark and his wife to be Carie. Mark had a rare form of cancer from which he was unlikely to recover and I didn’t hesitate to offer my support to them both. Their wedding day was beautiful and poignant and I am so very grateful to all of the family for allowing me to capture this most intimate and wonderful occasion.

Mark sadly died, but was surrounded by his close family as he passed. His wife told me she had checked his phone and he had spent the last few days of his life looking through the images from their wedding. This affirmed to me that this award was not only the right thing to do but that I should name it after Mark.

I’m glad to say that for the short time I knew him, Mark became my friend. Mark was a truly kind and wonderful person and we got on so well right from the start. Thoughtful, honest, honourable and loving – everything a true gentleman should be (Oh … and a wicked sense of humour!). My only regret is that I didn’t met him sooner.

My personal thanks goes to Carie for giving me permission to name this award after Mark.

How to Apply

Simple complete the form below and I will get in touch with you to chat through your situation.