There is method in my madness … I choose to use black and white a great deal in my photography for reasons that are not just personal, artistic choices. Don’t get me wrong, I do produce colour images and there is certainly a place for them it’s just that black and white is my preference for many images.

I’ll be explaining the principle reasons why I prefer Black and White for the majority of my wedding images and where I do use colour.

The important word I’ve used above is choice. Couples can choose to have all colour or all black and white but I think it’s a choice that should be made for each image and here’s why…

When I do use Colour

So to get started, let me talk about colour images. Before I start a wedding shoot I don’t decide if images are going to be black and white or colour. Unless the wedding is to be shot completely in black and white, I make a choice while I’m retouching the images after the big day. The chances are the majority will be black and white but some images need colour. When the subject of the image or the meaning of the composition relies on colour, then I use it. A great example is this bridal bouquet. The bouquet is an explosion of colour and would look far less engaging if shown in black and white.

The Beautifying Effect on Skin

This has to be the number one reason brides like Black and White … Black and White images have an amazing effect on skin tone. I want my brides to look amazing in their pictures and Black and White images make the skin tones smoother and radiant. Any fine lines and imperfections are reduced while making the face glow.

It Brings Out The Emotion

Without the distraction of colour, the eye can focus on the people in the image. Black and White simplifies the image and make the subject and emotion of the picture more prominent.

When you look at someone’s face, the emotional reactions caught on camera come into the fore, emphasising the story and connection with the viewer.

In this beautiful example, you can strongly connect with the flood of emotion that the bride is feeling while listening to her Dad speak, despite her efforts to hold them in!

Bride Emotion

The Images Have a Timeless Feel

We associate Black and White with images from the past so they have a classic and nostalgic feel to them. The monotone look gives a timeless quality to the images.

These two little cuties look like they could be from the 1950’s but this was actually taken in 2010.